What Sets Us Apart

Your Best Smile: Advanced Orthodontics with a Personal Touch!

Our smiles, and how we feel about them, touch every part of our lives. Smiles open doors, foster connections, and allow our personality to shine.

If you’re ready for your best smile – a smile that’s healthy, bright, and beautiful – Dr. Negaar Sagafi and her team are ready to start!

The Bethesda Orthodontics Philosophy

Clarity. Communication. Choices. Collaboration. Credibility are our five Cs:

We believe in Clear Communication of a patient’s Choices to reach their smile goal, while Collaborating with their healthcare team. The delivery of our promise is our Credibility.

Why Choose Bethesda Orthodontics for YOur New Smile?

Our patients benefit from customized orthodontic options. Each person’s treatment design is rooted in science and delivered through innovative technology. Every person has individual clinical and personal needs, and through a comprehensive diagnostics and treatment planning approach, we ensure each person achieves their ideal smile!

  • Accelerated Orthodontics: We are proud to offer innovative orthodontic options that are comfortable and highly-efficient, decreasing treatment duration and number of visits. Through accelerated treatment, patients are quickly sharing their best smile!
  • BRIUS® Orthodontics: Dr. Sagafi is the only orthodontist in the area providing this revolutionary technology and treatment. BRIUS is a new approach to orthodontics, helping patients finish faster than those using aligners or traditional brackets. Because the appliance is bonded behind the teeth (lingual), it is effectively invisible, too!
  • Friendly: While we’re experienced professionals, we are also warm, welcoming, and personable. We thrive on the friendships that emerge with our patients and their families, as we work together to achieve a smile they truly love!
  • Convenient: Our office is conveniently located in a central shopping and dining area, making for easy access. We offer before school or work appointments, and extended evening hours, too!

We invite you to contact our Bethesda, MD or Spring Valley orthodontic office, serving the Washington, DC region, for more information. 

Contact us to schedule a consultation with Dr. Sagafi and our team, today!

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